Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Road Trip

I'm back!

We went on a much needed road trip down to Florida. We spent 11 days away from home. Four of those days were driving days with a few fun things tossed in to break up the long drives. The rest were spent in the Orlando area visiting the different parks in the area.

A big road trip like this takes a lot of planning. Not only do we have to wrry about the normal stuff, like do we have enough underwear, but I have to plan as much of our food as possible. Having a child that is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and corn makes eating out or grabbing a bite at the quickie mart difficult. Since we were driving the food choices were much more varied. I started baking a few days before our trip; cookies, muffins and granola bars. I also mixed a large batch of safe trail mix and cut up veggies and washed fruit. I tossed in some cooked chicken, cheese sticks and yogurt.

To help with the much dreaded question of Are we there yet? I packed a travel bin for each of my boys. The boxes included:

Snacks: grapes, fishy crackers, fruit snacks/leather, box of raisins.
Reading book
Box of crayons
Chap stick
Brain Quest Cards
Doodle pad
Print outs - Map of US (for license plate game), car bingo, tic tac toe, dots, battle ship

We also told the boys for each 15 minutes they behavior they would earn $.50. They could earn up to $40, this would be their spending money for the trip. We agreed that we would buy them one trading pin a Disney and one item at Universal Studios, but anything else they would have to purchase themselves.

So at 5 am on Friday May 13th we packed up our crew in the minivan with our suitcases, cooler, travel bins and a variety of DVDs for our first leg of out trip.

Since we were gone for 11 days I have a huge pile of laundry, mail, emails, etc...  So I will post more about our wonderful family trip soon.

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