Wednesday, May 4, 2011

These moments...

You can not get these moments with video games and the television on.


I'm glad we have stict limits on video time when these moments happen.

Today I got to enjoy the fruits of sticking to our rules. After school the boys went out and played in the warm sunny yard, without being told to go outside. When they came in they decided to create a book. They are both author and illustrator. It's wonderful to hear them working together and being creative.  I know if we didn't have the rules we have, these moments would not have happened and these moments are so awesome!


  1. Those are great rules! My sister too has those rules for her girls. It produces well adjusted kids with imaginations!

  2. And moments you will cherish long after they are grown (says the mom of a 23 yr old and 18 yrd old)

  3. I so agree with you about the TV & video time. My nieces love spending time here and we never turn the TV on at all - we color and draw and read and play and have so much fun! That's a great photo of the two of them working on the floor.

  4. That book will be a wonderful treasure. I totally agree with a strict screen policy. So much creativity comes from kids when they are away from it.