Saturday, June 11, 2011

Horray....I finished the bedroom remodel!

About a month back I started working on redoing our nursery.  My oldest requested having his own room and it was time to do something with the empty room.  I thought it would be an easy, quick process. I should know better than to think such things.

The wallpaper border did not want to come off the wall.  It took me 3 days before I got everything off.  Then I spent a day making such all the sticky stuff and dirt was off the walls.  It took me another day to tape off the room and get the painting supplies.  I let my son pick out the paint color and I really love the color he picked - it's called Jalapeno Jelly.

It took me two days to paint the walls and of course when I was almost done I messed up the ceiling (which I didn't plan on painting) but when I tried to fix the mistake, I made more of a mess and in the end had to paint the ceiling.

We decided to use the shelves we had in the old room so I needed my darling husband to hang the shelves again and I started moving in the clothes and furniture.  The remodel was interrupted by our family vacation.  When we returned I took a road trip to Ikea to purchase the desk and get some picture frames.

I also painted an old bookshelves that my Dad build me when I was young and put it in his closet. Now he has plenty of space for his books and collections.

It only took a month from start to finish, but the outcome is wonderful! I love the room. The color, the furniture, the pictures, but most of all the smile on my sons face.  He really enjoys having his own room and is looking forward to having some friends spend the night this summer.

It feels good to be back on the organizational routine. To see more great ideas on getting things organized check out this post.


  1. I like the paint color name, Jalapeno jelly. I work at a hardware store and sell alot of paint. It's amazing how many names of paint there are and oh so many shades. I like what you did to the room. Good job and you did it! Following 52 weeks as well. I've not been doing much lately since I've been so busy but manage to do some things~better than letting everything go to pot!

  2. That is a great name for paint. I like the way it looks. Blogged hopped over from 52 weeks! Glad you got it done and that everyone loves it.