Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life is Sweet

It's mid June and that means Strawberry Time here in Michigan. I have fond memories of going to one of the local farms with my Mom and siblings to pick several bushels of the bright red little pieces of sweetness. We were treated to months of Jam and weeks of strawberry treats from those few hours of labor.  It was so worth the effort.

This was the first time I took my boys strawberry picking. It was a wonderful learning experience for them.  They learned
  • that strawberries don't come in plastic boxes.  

  • that strawberries are normally not the size of an apricot.  

  • that it takes some work to harvest delicious food. 

  • that strawberries right from the stem are so, so yummy.

  • that spending time together working on a common goal is fun.

 So, what did I do with all those strawberries.  We started by cleaning both large boxes that we gathered.

Then I pulsed the strawberries in the food processor and add sugar and put them on the stove.

We washed and sterilized the canning jars.

Finally, I filled them with the jam.  I made a double batch.  Then was my first time making jam and it really was pretty easy.  The little bit that I tasted was wonderful and I'm looking forward to making some fresh bread tomorrow to do a taste test after the jam sets.

I still had a small mountain of strawberries left so I also made some Strawberry Juice.  We use this juice to mix into yougurt, put on ice cream, and mix with maple syrup for pancakes.

I really enjoyed my first venture into preserving our harvest.  What are you planning on preserving this year?

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