Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Vacation - Universal Studio

Anyone that know me, knows I LOVE Harry Potter.  I'm addicted to the books and movies. There was no question that we would go to the World of Harry Potter at Isles of Adventure during our trip.  It was like a kid being in a candy store or I should say Honey Duke's candy store.

Every store window was so interesting to look at because you just didn't know what surprises lurked behind the glass. I'm the only roller coasters fan, so I enjoyed the Dueling Dragons by myself (twice). It was a great ride and the wait was not long which is always a big plus. 

After I did the coaster we headed over to Olivander's to stand in line. This was probably the longest line in the whole park, but it was so worth it. When you get inside they do a "show" reacting the scene when Harry gets his wand. They select one child to play the part of Harry and it was so cool because my oldest got selected. 

He got to try a few wands before the right wand found him. He is just recently getting into Harry Potter, so this was so much fun for him and me. Of course we had to shop around after the show and we each have our own wand now.

I had so much fun trying out all the fun snacks from the books.  The butter beer was yummy. Pumpkin juice - refreshing. Every Flavor Beans were an adventure.

Our second favorite part of the park was Suess Land.

 The boys favorite ride was the Cat in the Hat, but we also liked the Merry-go-round.

The next day we explored the other park at Universal Studios. Our best picks for this park were the Men in Black Ride and the Simpson Ride.  I also enjoyed the Mummy coaster.

Some other note worthy areas were the Curious George Playground and the Woody Woodpecker Roller Coaster which my whole family went one.....maybe one day I'll have someone to go on the big coaster with me.

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