Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten on 10

Hello and Welcome.  If you are coming here from Shimelle's blog - it's good to see you.

Shimelle has challenged her previous class participants to a monthly blog event.  We can join in when we feel like it and the rules are really simple and flexible.  The rules or I should say the rule is to blog about ten things on the 10th of each month.  The ten things can be anything you want, such as 10 photos from your day, 10 blog post that you must read, 10 recipes you tried this month.  The possibilities are endless.

The ten things I decided to blog about are the 10 items on my to do list this year.

1. Organize my photos.  I started doing this by taking Finding Photo Freedom.

2. Learn to use smaller amounts of time to complete my crafts.  I started doing this by taking Power Scrapping.

3. Organize my digi supplies.  I have not started on this task yet. I really need to figure out how I want to approach this so I do not have to redo it.  I know I need to purge some of my stash especially the stuff I collected before I did digi scrapping.  All those freebies that I had to have but now they are just not what I like. I need to keep only the kits that inspire me and delete the rest.

4. Clean and Organize my paper supplies. This area is slightly out of hand. The biggest problem with the paper supplies is that the location of the supplies do not match my work flow. I always have to get up and grab something.  I need to move things around so that my most often used items are right in my grasp.

5. Learn to use actions in PS/PSE. I know this will help me with my digi scrapping and blogging. I do the same things to my photos for my blog but if I can have an action that does these steps on multiple photos at once it would save me so much time.  If you know of any great places that teach this please let me know in the comments.

6. Re-take the classes I did for PSE and do them in PS. I want to get more comfortable with PS and many of the classes had tutorials for both versions of Photoshop.

7. Play with my camera.  Lately I have not been happy with my photos. I need to revisit my photography class notes and make sure I'm doing things right. I've been blaming the camera, but I want to make sure it's not me before getting new equipment.

8. Build a light box. Here's a great link on how to build your own. I want to have one to help take photos of my crafts. Natural sunlight is not abundant where I live and I want a better option on lighting my projects.

9. Make crafts with my kids this summer. The boys really enjoyed our bookmark project so I want to do some more crafty things this summer.

10. Keep on blogging. I've been enjoying my blog this year. I want to keep it going and not get burned out with the feeling of "I have to blog." My original goal was to blog 5 times a week, but for the summer I will be happy with 3 times a week.

So that's my ten things. Will I get them all done this year? I don't know. But when I have a list then it's easier for me to use those smaller bits of time on an activity.

Thanks again for popping in.  Come back tomorrow for the Family x12 blog hop.


  1. That's an extremely ambitious list! I think I spent the better part of a year just learning PSE!

  2. Great list idea, good luck checking each one off. I have just started accumulating digi supplies so probably should get a handle on organization early on.

  3. An ambitious list! I think the thing with photos is not to believe that you must get 'caught up' ~ I've recently put three holidays worth of photos into one album, using divided page protectors and minimal journaling.

  4. Lovely post. I share similar goals...loving Finding Photo Freedom! And I most certainly need to be content with smaller portions of creative time, especially with summer here now!

  5. That will keep you busy for a while - hope you've set a realistic timescale - have fun with it all though :0)

  6. I wish you much success with your list. It always helps me too to have a list.

  7. good luck with everything on your list and I look forward to seeing how it all went!

  8. Great list. I too want to learn how to make a light box. Thanks for the link.