Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mother LOAD

I signed up for the Mother LOAD (LayOut A Day) Class at Big Picture Classes.  I've heard so much about these classes but was always a little nervous to jump into such a commitment. I'm still nervous about this class, but part of my goals and OLW is to ignite my creativity. So what better way then jumping in head first!

The first few weeks start off nice and slow.  We had one photo assignment and one layout assignment.  The photo was a picture of our scrap space. My space really needs some organization help, but I know where things are at, so it works.

The layout was about Why I Scrapbook?

Template by Yin Design; Paper & Embellishments by Karen Lewis Designz; My Wonderland Kit

The journaling reads:

I believe everyone needs a creative outlet. I don’t sing or play an instrument. I don’t garden or knit.
I tried my hand at basket weaving and drawing. The weaving drove me crazy and I enjoyed the drawing but did not consider myself to be good enough.

Then I discovered scrapbooking. It was a combination of so many things I liked and wanted to do
creatively. Things like photography, journaling, paper, glue and imagination. It brought back some
of the joys of my childhood; making something from paper and glue. I didn’t realize how much I loved doing those simple tasks.

 Since then it’s grown into something more. Documenting my life and the life of my family. Expanding my views by focusing on the everyday. Sharing ideas and inspiration with others.  Connecting the past with the present. Retelling the times inour lives that shape who we are and who will are becoming.

Yes, it’s time consuming and can get expensive, but it’s my creative outlet. I would rather work on my creativity then spend time watching television.  It’s a choice. Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that it brings me joy and peace to create these little pieces of life art.


  1. Hey Monica! I'm in class with you, and scared witless about the 26 layouts in 26 days part! I spent July 4th cleaning my scrap area and putting stuff away from old projects. Ready to start with a clean slate now!

  2. Very eloquently said. I'm cutting down, down, down on my TV watching. I'm trying to write more and read more. I love your cabinet. You are so incredibly organized!

  3. I'm in this class too! I did LOAD in May and enjoyed it so much I had to sign up. Love your layout. I can totally relate to your reasons for scrapbooking.

  4. I like your craft space & the way you utilized the inside of the doors to hold so many items! Great layout & explanation of why you scrapbook. Glad to "see" you in class!