Friday, July 1, 2011

OLW Blog Hop

I'm so thankful for this blog hop.  I was so excited about this month's task that Ali gave us, but the time started to slip by. When I noticed that the end of the month was only a week away I could have easily said "oh well, I'll do it next month".  But because of the blog hop I got my supplies out and went to play.

I really don't know why I waited to do this. I had so much fun pulling different products out and just playing.  Here's a shot of my work area during my process.

I had the backgrounds done and was adding the finishing touches. As you can see I used one of my favorite products - Distressing Ink.  I also broke out my paint dabbers and alcohol inks. I've been trying to include a self portrait each month, so I cut a photo of me to include on one of the squares. Some of the cards were not coming together the way I had hoped, but when I said finished I loved the end results.

Sorry about the glare in the photo but I think you can get a good idea of the final product.  Thanks for stopping by this month.  Your next stop is over at Lisa's Blog.

Here's a complete list of all the blog participation.
Julie Ann
Melissa S
Monica B     <---- You are Here
Lisa A     


  1. Beautiful! I, too, let it go until a week or so ago, but I must admit, I'm anxious to start an art journal now!! It was very fun. I love our hop too, very inspiring.

  2. your cards are great!
    love the eclectic feel yet they all move together so nicely.
    and you too photo'd your 'mess' when you were done. how great is that!

  3. Gorgeous! I must sit down and do this. It looks like so much fun.

    I saw your comment on Jill Conyers blog about building the courage to run a 5K. I'm almost finished with the Couch to 5K program and need to do the same thing. It's time to find a race. It looks like we're not alone--I noticed Rebekah is running a 5K on Monday. Go OLW runners!

  4. great job!!! these are so great!

  5. I'm so enjoying seeing everyone's color choices in this. Your oranges are so gorgeous Monica!

  6. I love the orange! I rarely think to use all orange & yet I love it. Glad you stuck with it this month and with the blog hop! I really enjoy seeing everyone's work.

  7. OMG, can I relate to your post. I was giddy when I read the prompt, but when did I complete my project? Yep, on June 30. And I had SOOOO much fun I want to do it again :) I love everything about your canvases--the orange, your self-pic and the ric rac.

  8. I am loving that you include a self-portrait each month. Fabulous idea! Your canvases look great, too.

  9. love the orange! It's a color I'm only starting to appreciate. Great canvasses.

  10. This turned out great. It was such fun, wasn't it? I waited until the last minute as well and had the exact same thoughts - should have done it sooner.

  11. Love your canvases and using a creatively cropped photo is the perfect touch.

    Still thinking about a 5k? :)

  12. Love your work and your commitment to include a photo of yourself every month. I keep starting the 5k and stopping - need to commit and I think July is the month - as for running a whole 5k race wow - how cool would that be - good luck

  13. I love your canvases!! The stamping is so great and very inspiring.