Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to School

It's almost back to school time around here. This year it  has a whole new meaning for me because I'm also heading back to school. That's right I'm a college student once again. I finished my degrees back in the 90s and I had my career until 2001 when I switched careers and became a full time mom. I always said that when I stayed home that was my time to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up.

Now all my children are in school full time and I feel that it's time that I grow up - just a little. I signed up for three classes at our local community college and I'm so excited about starting, but nervous at the same time.

The last week I've been getting ready for the big change. I'm not talking about shopping for supplies or clothes. I'm talking about getting my house in order and figuring out a manageable schedule for me. I cleaned out my "spare" supply cabinet and went to a local scrapbook store for their garage sale. I think I did well, I'll find out today when I stop by to get the money. But I did come back with less boxes, so that's a really good sign.  This weekend I'm doing a mom2mom sale and selling the last of the baby gear and clothing that the boys have out grown.

I also worked on my weekly schedule yesterday. I like to see what I need to do on a daily bases. I worked out when I have time to do my cleaning and run errands and volunteer at the boys school. If it's laid out I work better and don't waste a lot of time thinking about what I should do.

This are not the typical ways to get ready for back to school, but I know it will help me when the time comes. I plan on sitting down with each of my children and help them make a morning and after school routine to help them. I'm tired of napping about brushing your teeth and emptying your lunch box. I figure if they help with the routine they might follow it a little least I can hope!

Are you doing anything out of the ordinary to get ready for school?


  1. There is something special about September, I always feel it's like a new chance to start the year again, it's that back to school feeling :)

  2. congrats on heading back to school - what kind of classes are you taking?

  3. Not doing a thing, both boys are in college so they take care of almost all school related needs. Bravo on returning to school, I would think being a schedule/routine type of person would be of great benefit as you do this.

  4. I'm celebrating NOT having to get ready for back to school. Well, maybe not celebrating, just enjoying knowing that I don't have to be in that back-to-school rush. It's been five years since I completed my master's degree & four years since I decided to take an "unofficial sabbatical" from teaching. However, I do have a Back-to-School package ready to send to my nieces next week!