Friday, August 5, 2011

Family x12 Blog Hop

Welcome to the FAMILY x 12 Blog Hop!  This is actually two months in one. As a group, we decided to postpone the hop last month due to a family emergency of our host. If you are stopping by from Patricia's blog, thanks for continuing on the blog hop. If you started from the beginning this will be your last stop, so sit back and enjoy!

What is FAMILY x 12?
The goal is at least one family photo per month for a year.  It's not that easy getting everyone in front of the camera at the same time.  This blog hop has been helping me make sure I get a snapshot of my whole family each month.  It will be wonderful to see all the changes during the year with these photos. Thanks to Margie for inspiring this blog hop and project.

I have two pictures for the month of June.  I guess technically I only have one because this shot was taken on Mother's Day, but it didn't get it downloaded until June. It was on a memory stick I forgot about.

 The next picture was the one I was planning on getting and almost forgot. We went to Frankenmuth for our annual Oma's Birthday dinner and I figured it would be easy to get a family picture.  After dinner we made our usual stop at Bronner's Christmas Store and as we were leaving the store it dawned on me that I didn't take my picture.  So we gathered around the nearest Santa Claus and got this family photo. 

Now for July.  This was actually an easy one for us because we had a family wedding. We were all cleaned and shined up for the event, so we got many photos before leaving the house. I'm glad we did this before we went because those were the only photos of us all together for the rest of the night.

Thanks for stopping by.  Here is a complete list of blog hop sites.  If you didn't start at the beginning, head on over to Margie's blog. If you did start at the beginning, you have finished the hop. Now go take a picture of your family! :)
Carol Anne
Monica  <----You Are Here

On another note: I have a guest blog post over at Heartland Living on a Budget.  The post is about making greeting cards on a budget.  If you are stopping by from that post, I'm glad you took the time to check out my blog. I hope you will come back soon.


  1. Monica - all three of these are wonderful family photos and a great variety between them: from Santa Claus to an ornamental pear tree to decked out in ties. What a beautiful family you have.

  2. A brilliant set of photos. I am playing along with the blog hop this month (but forgot to email Margie in time - oops!!) Please pop by and say hi.

  3. Such a beautiful family! You all clean up nicely. :) I love the stories behind them all too. So glad to have you participate.

  4. Hi Monica! Really like your pictures! Now we are always searching for an opportunity for a family picture! :)
    By the way, did you change your blog design?

  5. Patricia - I couldn't find a way to contact you directly so I'm answer you here. I changed my blog design at the beginning of the year when I changed the focus of my blog. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I love Santa in June and wow you all look great in the wedding outfits all those boys in shirts and ties is so cute!

  7. Wow! What a grgreat idea! You're right it's hard to get everyone together in one shot! Your pics are wonderful!