Monday, August 1, 2011

OLW Blog Hop

I don't believe it's August 1st already. I really don't believe that I'm still working on my One Little Word, Ignite. I usually lose steam in any on-line class that runs over 3 weeks. Life just gets busy and things get pushed to the side. Once again I'm so thankful to this little blog hop for keeping me going and of course to Ali for her inspiring words each month in the classroom.

The task this month was to make the play list of your life. At first I thought this would be so easy, but then I realized that some songs I love the music, but I'm not too crazy about the words. I looked at my current downloads and started looking up lyrics. My life is divided into three types of music. First and foremost, top 40. That can be top 40 of the 70s, 80s, 90s or today. Second, Kids Place Live on satellite radio. This is the station of choice in the car when the kids are with me. Third, Classic Piano Music. No words, just beautiful music. I really need to listen to this more because it really makes me happy.

After reading many song lyrics and deciding which songs ignite some type of spark in me, whether that spark is to laugh, smile, run faster or dance, I narrowed down my choices. Each song brings something different to my heart and mind when I listen to it.

I used my computer to print out the lyrics and then inked the edges with Distressing Ink so they matched my yellow/orange theme of my book. I still need to burn a CD to add to my album, but it's on my To Do list and I will get to it soon. Thanks for stopping by for another peek inside my One Little Word. I hope you come by again soon. Now, on to the next blog.  You will be heading over to Cheri's lovely blog.

If you get lost here is a list of all the participates this month.

Monica B  <---You Are Here
Monica B1


  1. I really like the look of your canvases. The inked edges is just perfect! And your typography looks lovely. Nice job!

  2. beautifully done. I love the sponged on ink and the way you typed up the lyrics

  3. your nine canvases perfectly capture this months prompt. nice clean look. love the different type faces you added in.

  4. This month's assignment turned out great! Lovd those song choices! Love the use of the computer and the ink. Great job! I don't think that I would have gotten as far with olw without the bloghop either! -Amanda

  5. I love the typography you chose for this! Like you, I had a few songs on my list that make me smile, make me move, make me happy... but there was nothing in the lyrics to justify the addition to this assignment. Right off the top of my head - Cee Lo Green's off-color titled chart topper. Just love the catchy tune and it's great for exercising. Not so great for publishing to a blog though!

  6. BRAVO, I have never been able to stick to a project like this for that long. This month's looks fab :)

  7. Your cards look GREAT! Blessings as you continue on your journey with "ignite". :)

  8. I love this. I really enjoyed your thoughts on music and the type you enjoy, etc. Your canvases look great. So glad to have your continued participation in the blog hop!

  9. Really pretty with the inked edges. I do need to get my hands inky again one day.

  10. Wow! How neat! I love these!

  11. your cards look wonderful and i love so many of your song choices. i almost used Muse's Uprising as well - it never fails to empower me and give me strength when i find myself faltering. great work this month!

  12. Love your mini canvases! They look great. Your post reminded me that over the years of taking online classes Ali's classes are the ones I complete without fail.

    Great selection of songs!

  13. This is such a cool idea :) I really love the vintage feel of your little cards.. so cool! HUGS

  14. Your canvases look great. Love the different fonts and ink.