Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Week in the Life - Continue...


I'm on a roll!! I have the next two themes for my week in a life complete.

Theme 3: Clean

Journaling reads:
Each week we clean. It’s a part of our life.
It seems never ending and I guess it is. Piles of laundry. Wash. Dry. Fold. Iron. Well, not much ironing. Cook. Wash Dishes. Load Dishes. Put Away Dishes. Bake. Dishes Again. Scrub. Sweep. Vacuum. Dust. Organize. Declutter. Make List. Then do it all again. The boys are now old enough to help with the cleaning, but it’s still a huge part of my everyday life.

Theme 4: Eat

Journaling Reads:
Each week we eat. It’s a part of our life.
Food glorious food!! Feeding my family healthy, delicious, nature food is so important to me. I’ve always loved to cook and bake and that love have grown over the years. I’m learning so much more about clean eating and reducing the amount of white sugar in our lives. The boys are getting more interested in baking with me. I eat breakfast with the boys every morning and we all eat dinner together every night.  We do not eat fast food, except for Sub Way or if we are out of town.  I don’t mind the time or mess when I know that I’m nourishing the boy’s hearts and souls.

Stay tuned for the final themes coming soon..... :)


  1. Oh yeah - eating & cleaning, things that happen every day! I like the way you're doing an oversized photo on the first page of each theme.

  2. I love that you've captured your everyday moments, that's what I'm hoping to do

  3. These are wonderful! Yes, we should be scrapping the everyday moments! Love this idea! :)