Friday, September 30, 2011

Fitness Friday

I completed my second race, but this time it was a family affair.  The race was a 4K walk/run & 8K run.  I signed up for the 4K run and I signed my husband up the 4K walk. Kids under 12 could walk for free, so our boys walked with their Dad. Well, they walked for most of the way.

It was a beautiful trail run, with cool, dry weather. I still don't like the hills. I placed 3rd in my age group!!! I couldn't believe it. And I placed 15 overall.  I was so happy. My time was slower but still a good pace at 10:35 and I walked up many of the hills.  This was great because I really haven't ran sense my last race.

When I finished the race I walked back to join up with the rest of my family.  To my surprise I came across my middle child running along the trail. He said he wanted to run and Dad said that's fine go for it. He did great and now he wants to run a "real" race so he can have a number and get his name on the list. The rest of the boys ran up ahead of their Dad too and we all stood and cheered him on when he finished the race. It was a great family outing and I will be looking for more races to do in the future.

Did I just type that?? Yes, I enjoy the races. I'm not to crazy about training for a race, but I love race day. And I can not wait to run with my little boy, even though he might whip me.

I'm linking this post up to the Fitness Friday post over at Life...As I See It.  This is a wonderful site for health and fitness information and inspiration.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Still alive and kicking

Wow, time sure flies when your really, really busy!!

Going back to school full-time is really taking it's toll on me and my free time. I'm really enjoying my classes and I'm learning so much. I thought since I haven't had time to do anything crafty because of my homework, that I would share my homework with you.

One of the classes I'm taking is Intro to Photoshop. I love Photoshop and I've used Elements for my digi-scrapbooking. This class is so exciting to me because I know I'll use everything I learn.  Since this is a basic Intro class we have to start out slow, so the first lesson was to get us comfortable with the tools and working in layers.  We had to select 3 coloring book pages that were scanned into the computer. Then we had to color them using layers and then use the Dodge and Burn tools to create shading and interest.

The first one I did was Beauty and the Beast.

Then the Harry Potter fan in me wanted to do Dumbledore.

And finally my love of Mickey Mouse pervailed.

 This was such a fun assignment and I enjoyed doing it.  Each lesson builds on each other and our final project is to create a movie poster.  But you will have to wait about 14 weeks before I'll have that to show you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

End of Summer

My boys started school last week, so I figured it was time to retire the Summer Fun List.  This was a list we created at the beginning of summer.  The list was created during a brain storm family meeting to help avoid the long days of "what should we do." I really enjoyed the list and the boys had fun crossing things off.  As you can see we didn't get to everything, but we did cross most things off the list.  It will be interesting to compare list from year to year. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten on 10

What is Ten on 10? It is a prompted/blog hop that Shimelle host every month over at her blog. The ten things can be anything you want. It can be words or pictures or both. It can be serious or silly. You just make up your list of 10 and then post your link over at her blog. You can join in whenever you feel like it, no pressure.  It's always interesting to see what people come up with for their list of ten.

My list of 10 Random pieces of information.

1.  I'm a LOAD flunky! Yes, I joined the Mother Load class. Yes, I have the badge on my side bar. No, I haven't done a single layout. This is just a bad time of year to do something like this. I knew this going in but it sounded so fun.  I am saving all the prompts and I might do the project at a later time when things at school slow down (which might be never, but I can dream).

Big Picture Classes

2.  My boys love their teachers this year. I'm super happy too! Open House was on Wednesday, so we got to met the teachers and hear how they run their classrooms. All their teachers are super sweet but they are also organized and structured which I love.  You can also tell they are very dedicated to their career and the kids.

3. Soccer session started. Unfortunately the first game was called early because one of the little boys broken something. The EMS was on the way, so we don't know exactly what happened but our prays go out to that little guy and his family.

4. Once again our family is walking to support FAAN (The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network). They provide food allergy awareness, advocacy, and education, and they support research for the 12 million Americans, including 3 million children, with a potentially life-threatening food allergy.
As you know this is a cause that is very close to home for us. Our son was diagnosed with severe food allergies when he was 18 months old. That was a very scary time for our family. FAAN and it's members were there to help us figure out how to live a normal life and keep him safe.

If you would like to help out our team please visit our team page for more information.

5. I forgot how tiring school can be. The days I have classes, I'm so tired that I want to go to bed before the boys are all tucked in.

6.  Even though school is tiring. I'm loving it.  I promise to show some of my work once I get it back from the instructor.

7. Our dinners have not been the greatest the past week. Sandwiches, hot dogs, eggs, you get the picture. I need to plan some quick, easy meals, some freezer meals and/or start using my crock pot more. If you have any good web-sites or cookbooks for meals like that please let me know.

8. We are in birthday mood around here.  Two of my children have birthday's in the next few weeks. Look for post about the big events coming soon.

9. I signed up for a pilates class. My workouts have been slipping down my to do list lately. I figure if I pay for a class and have a set time for it, I will show up.  Now with this class, I have three activities I have to show up for each week. As long as I do 1-2 other things at home I'll be happy with the outcome.

10. Life is great. I love when you have those moments that you truly realize you are blessed and that things are terrific. Even in my crazy, busy day and when I'm stressed out and tired, I love when my heart is just ready to explode because I look around and just feel so lucky to be who I am and to have the people I have in my life.  Thanks for being a part of it!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Family x12 Blog Hop

Welcome to the next Family x12 Blog Hop!!  If you have been following the blog hop you have reached the last stop. If you are just starting here make sure to check out the list at the end of this post for all the participants.

What is FAMILY x 12?
The goal is at least one family photo per month for a year.  It's not that easy getting everyone in front of the camera at the same time.  This blog hop has been helping me make sure I get a snapshot of my whole family each month.  It will be wonderful to see all the changes during the year with these photos. Thanks to Margie for inspiring this blog hop and project.

If it wasn't for this blog hop, I know August would have come and gone without a photo of my family.  It only took a few minutes to gather everyone up and click the shutter button a few times.  Why do we find it so hard?  I'm so glad I'm documenting my family each month.  My kids are growing so fast that each month I see some type of change.

Here is the photo of US for the month of August:

Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you haven't seen everyone's post start back at Margie's Blog.    It's never to late to join this blog hop for next month. If you are interested make sure to leave a comment for Margie to add you to next months hop. 

In case you miss someone, here is the list of everyone that is participating in this month's hop.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Monthly Recap

August. Summer did fly by so quickly. Our weather around here has not been very summer like. We've had so much rain and cooler temperatures.  I'm sure we will have a heat wave again before Fall settles in for the year. 

1. What books and/or magazines did I read this month?

Oxygen & Clean Eating - my usually monthly magazines
Distant Hours - Kate Morton (finished)
The Help - Kathryn Stockett
My text books

2. What movies, television shows, plays, etc. Did I watch this month?

Black Swan only watched half then went to bed.  Strange movie.
Kings Speech - Loved this movie. Colin Firth was amazing, as always.
Babies - wonderful documentary.  Really made our boys appreciated what they have.
The Help - Great movie. Saw it before I read the book. I love movies that make me laugh out loud and cry.

3. What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends?

Went on 4 mile bike ride with the whole family
My oldest had his first slumber party
Movie night with Moms Club friends
Crop Night

4. What gifts did I give and/or recieve?

5. What special or unusual purchases did I make?

School Supplies
Photoshop CS5.5
New Circuit cartage from CTMH
More School Supplies

6. What illness or health concerns did I have?

Few weeks of virago - hate that.
Problems with Headaches. 

7. What were my accomplishments this month?

Officially signed up for my 5K
Did Mom 2 Mom sale - sold most of my stuff, everything else was donated
Did Scrapbook Garage Sale at local store - sold a lot of stuff, spent it on CTMH order. :)

8. What disappointments this month?

Still not drinking enough water
Not keeping up with my online classes

Big Picture Classes

9. How did I do on my goals for the month?

Training for 5K. Ran 4 miles in 36:32.  Feeling good for the race.
15 minutes organizing photos and digi supplies 3x a week

10.  Anything else noteworthy to include?

I started school and I'm loving it.  It's a lot of work and everyone is going to have to pitch in to make this work.

Won a blog give-away at Organized Junkie. I won her book Clutter Rehab.

Goals for next month:

Run and complete 5K
Continue 15 minutes organizing supplies 3x a week
Work on drinking 64 oz water daily
Pre make snacks and freeze them

This idea is from Katie the Scrapbook lady.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fitness Friday

I did it!  I ran my first 5K.  What's the verdict?  I loved it!  I'll admit when I was slowly going up some of the hills I questioned my sanity.  I usually run on some pretty flat terrain so the bigger hills were something.  I only walked twice for a very short time.  One was to get a drink. I can not run and drink at the same time.  The other was at the last big hill, for just a part of it.  I learned that I really need to bring a small water bottle with me on the run because my dry mouth was causing me more problems then anything physical.

One of the things I loved the most about this run was that some of the houses we ran past had people in their lawn chairs yelling and cheering us on. During those times that I was questioning why anyone would want to do this, those cheers of "You can do it" and "Your doing great" really helped motivate me.  So thank you to all those nameless people that took the time out of their day to rally us crazy runners on.

Not a great photo, but the only one I have of me finishing the race.

So how did I do....I finished in 30:52.4!  That's 9:57/M pace and I was 17th in my age group (out of 54). I'm super happy and proud of myself. I was so glad my boys were their to see all those people of every age running and enjoying themselves.  The youngest racer was 5 and the oldest 79.  How inspiring!!

Now the question is will I do it again?  I'm already looking at two races coming up this month. I'm trying to decide which one I should do. Or maybe I should do both.  You will just have to wait and see what I decide.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

OLW Blog Hop

Welcome back to the 8th OLW blog Hop! It's hard to believe August has come to an end. My children start school in a few days and we go back to our normal routines. Normal is relative, but you know what I mean. We have been doing our last minute supply shopping and labeling everything.

This months OLW project was very simple. A photo. No writing. No creating. Easy, Peasy.  Or so I thought. I almost didn't get the assignment done in time.  Two days ago I decided I better get a photo of me.  I took a couple of photos and hoped I liked one.  I didn't have time to mess around too much.

That same day I was looking at my mail and went over to Designer Digitals to see the new free downloads. I was so happy when I saw the Type Inspiration. I knew this would be the words for my photo.

The saying that really spoke to me was "I believe in you".  I realized the other day that I missed too many things in life because I was afraid.  I didn't have enough faith in myself to put myself out there. Now that I've done some new things this year and faced those fears I'm feeling wonderful. I'm still afraid and I still get butterflies in my stomach but I'm also feeling free and inspired and proud. I believe in myself.  Just saying those words starts a fire deep down that makes me push aside those fears and try my best.

Has your word taken you out of your comfort zone? If you don't have a word, what helps you over come your fears of the new and unknown?

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