Monday, September 5, 2011

Family x12 Blog Hop

Welcome to the next Family x12 Blog Hop!!  If you have been following the blog hop you have reached the last stop. If you are just starting here make sure to check out the list at the end of this post for all the participants.

What is FAMILY x 12?
The goal is at least one family photo per month for a year.  It's not that easy getting everyone in front of the camera at the same time.  This blog hop has been helping me make sure I get a snapshot of my whole family each month.  It will be wonderful to see all the changes during the year with these photos. Thanks to Margie for inspiring this blog hop and project.

If it wasn't for this blog hop, I know August would have come and gone without a photo of my family.  It only took a few minutes to gather everyone up and click the shutter button a few times.  Why do we find it so hard?  I'm so glad I'm documenting my family each month.  My kids are growing so fast that each month I see some type of change.

Here is the photo of US for the month of August:

Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you haven't seen everyone's post start back at Margie's Blog.    It's never to late to join this blog hop for next month. If you are interested make sure to leave a comment for Margie to add you to next months hop. 

In case you miss someone, here is the list of everyone that is participating in this month's hop.



  1. What a nice photo Monica! You have such a nice looking family. So glad you joined in again this month.

  2. What a great idea! We never take family pictures.

  3. Beautiful family!!

    I wanted to also stop by to let you know that tomorrow I'm posting a giveaway-- Eric Hansen's "Hiking Wisconsin." I know you folks are out in Michigan, but you may find it handy!

    Take care and happy Labor Day!


  4. Where do the months go - I struggle sometimes to get a decent photo of the 4 of us - which is why I have been posting photos of my wider family as they don't mind posing for photos!!

  5. Loved your family picture! Being outside light helps for the better and natural pictures.

  6. that is a great photo of you all, I am enjoying taking these shots and look forward to browsin thru them all in the years to come xxx

  7. I love that ya'll are doing this project. I wish I had done something like this before my babies were grown :(

  8. What a nice pic of the family! :)

  9. You have a truly lovely family