Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten on 10

What is Ten on 10? It is a prompted/blog hop that Shimelle host every month over at her blog. The ten things can be anything you want. It can be words or pictures or both. It can be serious or silly. You just make up your list of 10 and then post your link over at her blog. You can join in whenever you feel like it, no pressure.  It's always interesting to see what people come up with for their list of ten.

My list of 10 Random pieces of information.

1.  I'm a LOAD flunky! Yes, I joined the Mother Load class. Yes, I have the badge on my side bar. No, I haven't done a single layout. This is just a bad time of year to do something like this. I knew this going in but it sounded so fun.  I am saving all the prompts and I might do the project at a later time when things at school slow down (which might be never, but I can dream).

Big Picture Classes

2.  My boys love their teachers this year. I'm super happy too! Open House was on Wednesday, so we got to met the teachers and hear how they run their classrooms. All their teachers are super sweet but they are also organized and structured which I love.  You can also tell they are very dedicated to their career and the kids.

3. Soccer session started. Unfortunately the first game was called early because one of the little boys broken something. The EMS was on the way, so we don't know exactly what happened but our prays go out to that little guy and his family.

4. Once again our family is walking to support FAAN (The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network). They provide food allergy awareness, advocacy, and education, and they support research for the 12 million Americans, including 3 million children, with a potentially life-threatening food allergy.
As you know this is a cause that is very close to home for us. Our son was diagnosed with severe food allergies when he was 18 months old. That was a very scary time for our family. FAAN and it's members were there to help us figure out how to live a normal life and keep him safe.

If you would like to help out our team please visit our team page for more information.

5. I forgot how tiring school can be. The days I have classes, I'm so tired that I want to go to bed before the boys are all tucked in.

6.  Even though school is tiring. I'm loving it.  I promise to show some of my work once I get it back from the instructor.

7. Our dinners have not been the greatest the past week. Sandwiches, hot dogs, eggs, you get the picture. I need to plan some quick, easy meals, some freezer meals and/or start using my crock pot more. If you have any good web-sites or cookbooks for meals like that please let me know.

8. We are in birthday mood around here.  Two of my children have birthday's in the next few weeks. Look for post about the big events coming soon.

9. I signed up for a pilates class. My workouts have been slipping down my to do list lately. I figure if I pay for a class and have a set time for it, I will show up.  Now with this class, I have three activities I have to show up for each week. As long as I do 1-2 other things at home I'll be happy with the outcome.

10. Life is great. I love when you have those moments that you truly realize you are blessed and that things are terrific. Even in my crazy, busy day and when I'm stressed out and tired, I love when my heart is just ready to explode because I look around and just feel so lucky to be who I am and to have the people I have in my life.  Thanks for being a part of it!!


  1. Love this! My favorite one is # 10. Well said! :)

  2. Its so hard trying to squeeze it all in, isn't it?! I'm doing Slimming World at the moment so with regards to the food, I really do have to plan ahead. I try and do huge batches of mince and tomatoes etc and then I can bring it out of the freezer and make it into a chilli or a bolognaise. I also freeze portions of mashed potatoes so I can add it as a quick topping for a pie or have it there ready to go with sausages etc (I do my sausages in the oven so it means I can walk away and leave it all ;-))

  3. What a fantastic random list and a busy life you have right now! I'm keeping up with The Mother LOAD because I'm not always following the prompts & I had created a list of "easy" layouts I wanted to create some days.

    So glad to hear you are enjoying school.

    My favorite way to use the crock pot is to make meat & gravy that cooks on low during the day, then add some instant mashed potatoes & another vegetable to complete a meal in the evenings. I put the meat (usually pork chops or meatballs) in the crock pot with a can of cream of mushroom soup and a packet of brown gravy mix (dissolved in water first), then add water to just cover the meat & let that cook on low all day. Makes tender pork chops & creamy gravy.

  4. Great list,loved reading it..happy birthday to your children when it arrives and glad they like there teachers too!!!