Saturday, October 1, 2011

OLW Blog Hop

Welcome back to the 9th OLW blog Hop! September has been a big blur.  My schedule has been so packed with activities, work, meetings, appointment and assignments. I have to admit I did this months OLW project just two days ago. I printed out the worksheet at the beginning of the month but it just sat there until I found time.

Our project for this month was to pick our battles. Choose one battle I'm willing to fight for and one that I'm surrendering.

I choose to fight for my health. Exercise was my main focus this year and I've come so far and I'm worried I might slide backwards. I need to keep this battle a top priority. I need to make my health a priority. A step I took to help with this battle was to join a pilates class.  So now I have three scheduled in stone appointments that support my battle.

The battle I'm surrendering is my goal to go weekly challenges.  This was adding too much stress and not enough joy to my creative outlet. I'm not saying I won't do any challenges, I'm just not putting them on my to do list.

Thanks for stopping by. Your next stop on the blog hop is over at Lynn's lovely blog.  Here is a complete list of all the blogs that are participating this month.

Julie Ann
Monica  <---- YOU ARE HERE


  1. I'm feeling the exact same way about making exercise a regular part of my life, too, Monica. I don't why it is so had to find a physical activity that I enjoy doing but it is. Good luck in your journey. : )

  2. Monica, I'm always completing the prompts a day before (or the day of) the blog hop, so don't feel bad. All that matters is that it prompted thought. The rest falls wherever it's supposed to. Glad you're on the hop!

  3. Goals are good, aren't they? At least it keeps us focused on where we want to be. Glad you shared!

    Blessings as you journey on...

  4. Thanks so much for joining along again this month. It sounds like a good thing to let go - it is no good when something fun becomes a chore - then it isn't fun any more, right?

  5. Seems we were on the same wavelength this month - making health (exercise) a priority and letting go of creative outlets that were no longer serving our needs. Kudos to you for having the courage to let go!

  6. If we don't have our health, we don't have much, right? Good on you! Best of luck!!! xoxo

  7. Good for you on your progress. And good for you for being able to let go of what is holding you back. Press onward!

  8. I only completed my prompt yesterday too so I wouldn't worry about it. Health is a great battle to fight for, sometimes we don't realize this until it's too late. Great post.

  9. I didn't write mine up until the week of the blog hop but I'd been thinking about it on & off through the month. Funny how so many of us chose health to focus on! I love your monthly recap post - clever idea! I may have to post lift it! heehee!

  10. I've been missing our monthly hop. One goal I'm letting go of is all the hops I was participating in. But now this one, I must get back in gear so I can join in next month. I miss you all!