Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Remember Me

I was the person that blogged often. I was the person that read my google reader daily. I was the person that did some crafts every week. I guess I'm still that person, I'm just not doing the things I use to do. I realized how bad it was when I went to my google reader and I had over 200 unread post!!  Wow! I couldn't believe it. How did it get so out of control?? I made the decision to mark everything as read and move forward.

So why haven't I been around.  Most of the reason has been my school schedule. It's mid-term time and I've had a lot of studying and projects to get done. I'm also a coach for my son's Lego Robitics team. I've never done that before and it's a huge learning curve. And finally (and the most frustrating) is our external hard drive died. We finally got it back and now we are having problems with it communicating with my laptop.  It was working fine for a few weeks, it works with my mac, but for some reason my laptop cannot map to it.  This is a huge problem because my laptop has my organizing software (ACDSee) on it, but the files are on the hard drive. My husband spent about 4 hours yesterday trying to figure it out and now he has given up. So my normal work flow has been extremely interrupted and it's still not back to normal.

Well enough of my excuses. I need to get back into a regular work flow to keep up with all my digi friends and to document my life.  Wish me luck getting my laptop to work again, I really need it!!


  1. Hope you get your laptop/computer issues sorted soon
    Alison x

  2. I'm slowly getting back into the crafty/blogging mode after taking the summer off. Look forward to seeing your OLW post soon! :)