Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back lit Photography

I know some of the photograph assignments sound like Greek to some and I know the feeling.  I wish I knew how to describe these assignment in a better way, but I hope these short descriptions inspire you to explore and play with your camera.

The course I'm taking through our Community College has made all the difference. It was well worth the time and money.  It's a 16 week class that meets for 6 hours a week. I've learned so much about my photography by doing the assignment and seeing what others have done. If you ever get a chance to take a course like this, do it, you will learn so much.

Now on to the lesson. I was so excited to learn about back lit photography. I've had my share of pictures were the person was in silhouette because I didn't understand the proper way to shoot when my background was brighter then my subject.  Our assignment was to take three photos.

  1. Subject that is Backlit (background will be bright)
  2. Subject is  silhouetted
  3. Even exposure for background and subject

  For this photo, I metered my camera on the branches.  This caused the back ground to be overexposed, but the subject to be in proper exposure.

For this photo, I metered my camera on the sky. This caused the sky to be in proper exposure but my subject to be underexposed.

For this photo, I metered on the sky again, but I used my flash to fill in the subject for an even exposure of my subject.  This will only work if your subject is close enough for the flash to work on it.

Coming up is landscape and night scape photos.

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