Saturday, November 5, 2011

Family x12 Blog Hop

Welcome to the next Family x12 Blog Hop!!  If you are new to this blog hop there is a brief description of what we are doing.

What is FAMILY x 12?
The goal is at least one family photo per month for a year.  It's not that easy getting everyone in front of the camera at the same time.  This blog hop has been helping me make sure I get a snapshot of my whole family each month.  It will be wonderful to see all the changes during the year with these photos. Thanks to Margie for inspiring this blog hop and project.

So let me start this month by saying "Yipeeee!!".  This process of taking a family photo is becoming more natural. I actually have two photos of all of us this month. In the past these activities would have come and gone and I would have been behind the camera instead of running in front of it. It's so nice when something starts to become normal.

Our photos for the month are a quick one where I set the camera on a picnic table, set the timer and ran.  It's not centered or the greatest photo but I still love it because it's my lovely family enjoying our day together.

The next photo is everyone ready for Halloween.

Thanks for stopping by, this is the end of the blog hop.  If you didn't start from the beginning, please head over to Margie's Blog to see her lovely family.  Here is the complete list of participants:

Carol Anne


  1. Hi, Monica! I'm glad the family photos are more natural to you... For me is still a challenge.
    Loved both pictures... My son enjoyed the Halloween one for obvious reasons...
    See you next month.

  2. Two great photos Monica! Looks like y'all had a fun month.

  3. I have been finding the same thing - I am more in the habit of thinking about a family photo at events where as before I would have forgotten. I'm so glad to hear that! That being said, I need to make sure I don't forget this month!

  4. I love both of your photos, by the way. Halloween is my favorite, though!

  5. Love both the photos, both show you as a fun loving family :)

  6. Wow! Love both of these pics...fab!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Great photo of your family enjoying spending time together. I joined late again this month due to having no photo - but some threats and bribery did the trick!! Please pop over and say hi.

  8. Hi Monica!
    Great to meet another Monica B from the other side of the globe :0)
    I love your photos, the family one is gorgeous and the Halloween one is great too - love the costumes!