Monday, November 21, 2011

Landscape Photos

For a traditional style landscape photo, you need to consider three things:

  1. You want Lots of Depth of Field. To get this remember these things
    • Use a big f-stop
    • Focus far away - distance increase depth of field
    • Use a short focal length - zoom out
  2. You want good light.  Early morning or evening will give you the softest light.
  3. Composition. Use the Rule of thirds.  Do not place your horizon in the middle of the photo. Place it either a third up or down.
For this assignment I took dozens of photos at a local park. Some were good others not so good. But I learned so much just playing around.  Another thing to consider when taking a landscape is to use a tri-pod. When shooting in low light you might need to use a slower shutter speed and you don't want any hand shake showing up in your photo.

For my class we could only turn in one photo with three edits using Light room to edit the photo. Here is the original photo.

And here are the three edits.

This one I wanted to bring out the cool tones in the picture.

For this photo I was going for old fashion with added noise for that antique look.


And finally I wanted to go dramatic with lots of contrast.

This was the first time I used lightroom to edit photos and I have to say I love it!!  Because I love it so much I decided I wanted to organize my supplies and photos in Light Room, so I'm currently going through the Free Light Room Class over at DigiSrcap 101.  So far this is a wonderful class.  I'm still in the beginning stages because I had a lot of supplies to organize. If you are in need of a good system to organize your stash check this out, it might be just what your looking for.

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