Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Night Shots

This was a fun assignment. My family and I went to a downtown area near by at night. I set up my tri-pod at one of the intersections and started taking photos. It was funny how many people stopped to see what I was doing.

Here are some of the "rules" of taking a night (city) shot. 

Set you white balance to Day Light.  This is because the mix of lights that you will have in the photo.
Set your apeture around F8-F11
Use a super slow shutter speed 1 or 2 seconds
Keep ISO at 400 or lower
Turn off Auto Focus
and the most important - You must use a tripod or set your camera on something.

Another fun night shot is what my instructor called How many faces.  You set your shutter speed to 30 seconds and using a flashlight you see how many faces you can get into one photo.  You shine the light on your face, then turn the light off  and move. Turn the light on again, then turn it off and move. Keep doing this until the shutter is released.  I did the following picture with one of my jack-o-lanterns.

My kids really enjoyed trying to get as many faces as they could in 30 seconds and it was very funny looking at the end results.

Do you have a favorite go to technique when taking photos in low light or do you just avoid those type of photos?


  1. That night city shot turned out great. I have a night setting on my camera that I use, for now - hoping to learn more in the new year.

  2. Love both of these....must try those techniques-one day!!
    Alison xx