Monday, December 5, 2011

Family x12 Blog Hop

Happy December!! I'm glad you had a few minutes in your busy holiday schedule to stop by.  If you been following along with the blog hop you just came from Melissa's blog - don't you just love her blog!! If your not familiar with this blog hop, the idea is to get a family portrait each month. Now it doesn't have to be a formal portrait, it just has to be a photo with everyone in your family included.

This month I'm a little embarrassed by my photo.  I was suppose to get a nice picture of all of us after our Thanksgiving dinner.  The problem was I forgot my tri-pod and my kids were too cold to wait for mom to figure something out.  So the photo I have is us at the restaurant we had dinner at.  The photo is blurry, only one child is looking at the camera, my husband and I are in the mirror and you can not really see me because I have the camera in front of my face, but we are all there!!

Oh well, they can not all be masterpieces. :) Even thought this is not the best picture, I still really like it. This was the first time we had Thanksgiving dinner out.  I usually cook, but my siblings either had other plans or don't live here anymore.  It seemed like a lot of effort to cook a huge meal when in reality only my husband and I would eat most of it. The meal at the restaurant was wonderful and who knows maybe this will be our new tradition.

If you haven't stopped by the other blog hop participates please stop in and say hello.  It's a small group so it won't take you long.  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful holiday season.



  1. I love this photo! Very creative using the mirror to get you and your husband into the photo. Wonderful Thanksgiving memory too. So glad you are joining in each month. I hope you'll continue into the new year. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  2. It's a great photo Monica - I like how you used the mirror to include yourself & your hubby! It was a different Thanksgiving Day, so why not a different kind of photo, too!!

  3. I love the photo, it catches a real moment :) Cleanup after the meal was much nicer too, wasn't it ;)

  4. It doesn't matter if it isn't a perfect photo to capture the moment - sometimes those photos will bring back even more memories. I have a lovely photo of my boys looking so happy - the fact that it is out of focus is neither here nor there!

  5. Very creative Monica!
    Alison xx