Saturday, December 24, 2011

School Update

Happy Xmas Eve!

This has been the first day in weeks that I haven't been baking, shopping, wrapping, making, cooking, etc... You know the feeling. It's time to relax and enjoy the season.

Since I had some down time I thought it was time to post something on my blog that I've been absent from since earlier in the month.  I finished my first semester back at school and loved every minute of it. The last few weeks were stressful, trying to get all my final project ready, but I really love this program.

I took three classes: Intro to Photography, Fundamentals of Design and Intro to Photoshop.

Our last assignment in Photography was a model shot. We had to compile a Model Comp card. We only had 5 minutes with the model in the first outfit and then only 3 minutes in the second.  The third outfit we only had one minute but the last outfit we could only take 3 photos but had as much time as we wanted. You really had to have a good item what you wanted so you could move the lights and pose the model in the time allowed. Here is the Comp Card I did:

Our final project for this class was a slide show of our best pictures showing our range of style. I would share the slideshow but I have no idea on how to add a Lightroom Slideshow to blogger. Sorry!

My Photoshop class was amazing. Our final two projects pushed us to use the skills we learned in class to create something of our own. I was excited when we were told we had to design our own movie poster. We could pick any movie that has been out in the last 10 years. We needed to find good quality images and make it look like something Hollywood would use. Anyone that knows me knows I did a Harry Potter movie poster. I had so much fun with this and I plan on getting it printed and hanging it in our basement.

Then our final project was to combine two images into one and make it look like it's always been that way.  So I did a snake whose body turns into an orange peel.

My boys really liked this assignment they were asking me to combine all kinds of things, not realizing how much time it took me to do this one picture. 

My third class, Fundamentals of Design was my messy class. We used pencils and paint for all our projects. I haven't taken any photos of the final matted items, but maybe some day I'll get around to showing them. I did learn so many of the rules of design and how they work together to create something amazing.

I'm just hoping I remember all the wonderful things I learned this semester.  Next semester I decided to only take two classes, three was too much.  I will be learning Fundamentals of Illustration and Digital Illustration. 

I will be back after the holiday, so until then, have a safe and Happy Christmas! Thank you for being a part of my life through this blog.

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