Monday, January 2, 2012

New Love

I knew when I got my iphone that it would help me capture more of the everyday memories that happen when I don't have my big camera with me.  I had fun taking some photos here and there but I wasn't overly excited about it. But then I was introduced to a new obsession, Instagram.  I love this little app. It can take an ordinary photo and make it so cool.  After taking the photo you can add one of the Instagram filters and you can instantly share your photos with others.  It supports most of social media sites and you can also follow your friends so you can see all the cool photos they take.  Here are some of the gems I took in December.

My plan is to use these templates from Cathy Zielske to document my favorite photos each month with the notes I typed when I took them. 

The other love I discovered was thanks to the Daily Digi.  Steph did a post about quitting project 365. I marked it as a must read because I too loved the idea about project 365, but could never get past the first few days.  Little did I know she would introduce me to another fun app, Photo 365.  This app shows you a monthly calendar that you add your photos to each day. I love how easy it is and that it's an instant visual of my month.

So what apps can you not live without?

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  1. Such great photos :) i downloaded project 365 and having such fun.