Sunday, February 5, 2012

Family x12 Blog Hop

I'm so excited to do another year of Family x12. It's a wonderful motivation to get a family photo each month and I'm looking forward to having a whole year to compare.  My kids are growing up so fast that I see so many changes in just a few months.  If you would like more information about this blog hop head over the Margie's blog.

My photo for this month is not the greatest. My boys didn't really want to do it, they were busy playing video games. The lighting was horrible in our living room, we are still remodeling it and we don't have all the lighting done or the window blinds installed. But I have my photos! ;)

I realize every month isn't going to be a hang on the wall worthy photo, but that's our life. The boys have their hair sticking up more days then not. We are sitting around in sweat pants and t-shirts. It's just normal everyday stuff. I wanted this photo to welcome our new couch. It's big enough for all of us to lay around on - I love it.

Your next stop on the blog hop is over at Jill's wonderful blog. Please stop by the other participates of this blog hop. It's a short list so it won't take you long. :) Thanks for stopping by.

Monica  <----You are Here


  1. Still a great photo of all of you though. Mine is up on my blog - didn't get the email this month for some reason to play along.

  2. Awesome! You do have your photo. And I love your new couch. We had more than one everyday photo like this on our couch last year. We even had one of us sitting on the floor if you remember. But it is a moment captured with you altogether. And the other benefit, I think, is the habit of taking these photos so the next time you are all dressed up and in a great mood, you will remember to take a photo then too. Thanks again for joining along.

  3. At least you got a pic!
    Alison xx

  4. I think this will be a fun photo to compare over the years with all the times you'll have photos of y'all enjoying that new couch. You'll be able to see how much the kids grow by comparing different photos of them on the couch.

  5. A family of 5 and real life. That's part of the fun of this project.