Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Project 365

I give people a lot of credit for doing Project 365. Taking a photo a day for a year is a lot of work. A few years ago I tried and after only 10 days I forgot to take a photo and it went down hill quickly after that and then I just gave up. I just didn't always have a camera with me, so I crossed that project off my list of to do's for good.

Or so I thought....

I saw a post over at the Daily Digi, called Confessions of a Project 365 Quitter. When I read the title, I had to smile because I could relate to it. But as I read, I got very excited about trying Project 365 again. Armed with my iPhone and a few trusty apps and decided to give it another go.  I couldn't believe it when I reached the end of January and took at least one photo every single day. It was so exciting!

The best part was looking at the calendar in my Photo365 app and seeing them all together.

I love seeing these little pieces of my daily life all together. I'm not sure if I will do anything with the photos and at this point I'm not worrying about it.  And I'm glad to report that February is going strong look for an update next month.

Have you ever done Project365? What helped you get that photo each day?


  1. Not that you're worrying about it... but it would be so easy to take the exact photo you just posted, print it big, plop it on cardstock, maybe use the greyed out number area from February for a bit of journaling... and call it done! And if you did it every month ... you'd have a whole year by the time 2013 rolls around!

  2. Very cool, glad you found something that works so well for you. I am not a Project Life type person at all.

  3. Like what you've done Monica...
    Alison xx

  4. I have to say taking a photo a day on my iPhone and the 365 app does make taking a photo each day easier. I love looking back and seeing what the past few weeks have been like