Monday, March 5, 2012

Family x12 Blog Hop

It's that time again. Time to share our family photo. I really do love this blog hop because it makes me try to get at least one photo of my gang together each month. It's so hard to see the changes in everyone when you are with them every day, but when you look back at photos it's amazing to see the growth and change.

This months photo was taken with my iphone. Lately that has been my camera of choice because it's with me all the time.  We were at a Pistons game and I had us all pile in together and I tried to get us all in the frame. After I shot the photo I noticed the couple behind us decided to put on a show for our photo and they were dead center making out. I was so worried about getting us all in, I didn't look to see what was happening elsewhere. I downloaded an app called Big Lens to help me edit the picture.  I love how it turned out because you can not tell someone was there.

Your next stop on the blog hop is over at Ruth's Blog.  Here is the complete list of participants encase you get lost.  Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon.

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  1. Great pic..and glad you managed to edit out your unwanted interlopers!
    Alison xx

  2. The photo looks awesome! And what a great story. Quite funny, actually. I can't believe you did such a great job with editing and that it turned out so well. LOVE IT!

  3. I agree with Margie.... This picture came out great and with a back ground story! :) You have good skills editing! ;)

  4. Great job capturing this fun photo - so glad you were able to edit it & have this memory captured for February!

  5. great photo of you all and the editing worked brilliantly