Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Twleve on 12

I'm a little behind on my Twelve on 12 this month. I've been sick the last week and actually forgot on the 12th to take my photos. So I actually took the photos the next day - no worries. This month I decided to focus on the products that I use on a daily bases.

I was inspired to take these photos because of a video Stacey Julian searched in her 12 class. She showed her grandmother's scrapbook and on one page she had images of some of the products she used.  I loved seeing the old packaging and it was amazing that some of these products are still around.

Right now these photos don't seem that interesting, but I know in future generations these will be amazing.

Is there any products you use on a daily bases that your grandmother used?


  1. Nice idea for a LO and post!
    Alison xx

  2. Great idea for your twelve photos!

  3. I LOVE this Monica! How cool is that! I've been trying to think about these kinds of things with my Project Life photos. I'm behind were off Th and Friday last week and before that we had two family birthdays to celebrate! Spring break this week for DH, but it's a very relaxed week so hoping to catch up and get a blog post written gasp!