Sunday, April 1, 2012

One Little Word Blog Hop

Welcome back to another One Little Word Blog Hop.

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March's goal was to take action. Just one little action. This was not easy for me. There are so many things I feel like I should be doing that just one thing didn't seem to be enough. But I took a deep breath and slept on what I really need to focus on this month. I decided that my relationship with my husband would be my focus.

Having three children within four years lead to a lack of together time. We have struggled with this over the last few years, knowing that we needed to spend time together but figuring out what will work for us. I know many relationship expects talk about the weekly date night and we tried that, but it really didn't work for us. It felt like some to check off a to do list. So we decided to try to have one date night a month for now.  That seems doable. So that was our One Little Action. Date Night.

I'm happy to say we went out last Saturday! It took some doing and thanks to my brother for babysitting we were able to enjoy the Hunger Games.

The crazy thing that happen was that we had more than one date night during the month. We didn't go out but we made time to talk and reconnect. We made the time to be with each other. This might sound strange, but it's been a while since we have done that. I don't know if the change this month was just coincident but maybe it's my word, Define, at work. It's always on my mind and maybe that was the extra push I needed to initiate the much need time with my spouse.

At the time this is going live, I still need to get my pages together. So you will need to stop by next month to get the visual on this month's prompt.

Thanks for stopping by. I missed signing up for the official blog hop so if you would like to see others OLW work go to Margie's Blog for the list.


  1. Good for you, I think couple time is highly important and it doesn't matter if it's on a "date" or at home. It's amazing how quickly the Chosen One and I became Empty Nesters, weren't these men just little boys?! :)

  2. Kudos for following through with your commitment! Definitely an important one and worthy of the time and effort.

  3. Well done can be difficult making time for yourselves, though well worth the effort!
    Alison xx

  4. Great job getting in a date night! Sometimes it's just as important to have a "date hour" if that's all you can fit in for some time just for conversation or simply silently swinging on a wooden swing in the backyard. I think every little effort you make in this area will be greatly rewarded!