Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Project 365

I'm sure you thought I fell off the band wagon (again) for my 365 project.

Surprise, surprise I did not.  I just fell off the blog band wagon. :( 

Well, that's another story.  But here I am to share the last two months of my 365 project.

I love looking back at these colleges of photos from the month. They remind me of so many of the little details that slip my mind over time. This project is really making me rethink my stand on the whole Project Life movement. I really like seeing all the little details that make up our days.

When I started in this hobby I was all about the big events (birthdays and holidays), but I've noticed over time I really love the pages about the small details of everyday life and the stories that connect people together.

Are you more of a big picture or little detail type of person? Has that changed over time?


  1. I think for anyone who has been scrapping for awhile, change is inevitable. After a few years, the Christmas and Birthday layouts start feeling boring and same-old. The pages I love the best in my own albums are the ones that tell family stories, the kind that begin with "do you remember the time when..." I love capturing those in detail.

  2. I'm all about both :) I like the format you are using for P365.