Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Twelve on 12

I'm so happy to report that I'm still doing the Twelve on 12 project!

Instead of just taking 12 random photos during the day I've been trying to pick an area I want to focus on.  In the past I've done technology and food, but this month I focused on what I wear on a regular bases.  Sense it's still a chilly Spring here in the mid-west you are not going to see any swimsuits or shorts, so this might be another Twelve on 12 that I will need to do in the summer.

If you are doing a Twelve on 12 project, how are you approaching each month?? If you did themes, what theme would you focus on?  Yes, I'm looking for some ideas. ;)

You can see my other Twelve on 12 post here.


  1. Love your themes - I'm trying to have certain photos each month - a view, book I'm reading, a meal, weather, price of gas, etc. that I'm repeating each month or every other month. May still end up with one or two with a definite focus... will have to see how the year goes!

  2. You should do one of these per season :) Ideas...plants/flowers in yard, homemade foods, creative projects, books, beauty items,chores

  3. Great job keeping up with this project Monica. I'm using the prompts from the Twelve workshop at BPC, however I didn't take my photos on the 12th this month. I am planning to snap them one day this week. I saw on someone's blog where they took photos of favorite things in their home.