Monday, May 21, 2012

Natures Miracles

Life is full of wonderful and amazement. Mother nature never fails to amaze me with her beauty and power.  From the delicate form of a spider web, to the fury of a tornado.  Today my family had the pleasure of being mesmerized with a lovely little bird's nest and the beauty of seeing life at the beginning.

On the ledge of one of our windows we found the nest. The great thing about this nest is that we can see inside and watch everything the bird's are doing. Currently, there are two baby birds and one egg.  We witnessed the mommy and daddy coming home to feed the babies and sit on them to keep them warm.

Every so often during the day I need to go up there and check on our little guest. I'm enjoying just sitting and watching nature in action right outside my window.


  1. front row seat to view one of nature's miracles - how cool is that???

  2. Wow, what a wonderful view you have of that nest & the new life within!

  3. How lucky are you?!
    Alison xx