Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Family x12

Welcome back to another Family x12 blog hop.  We are a group of ladies that are supporting each other in taking one family photo each month. Because of this blog hop I remembered to get a photo of all five of use over the Memorial Day holiday. My boys were wrestling around on the floor so I gave the camera to my brother and told my husband to get on the floor with the boys.  It's not your traditional family photo but it's something that you would see quite often if you stopped by - Everyone on the floor playing around.

Thanks for stopping by, your next stop on the blog hop is over at Jo's Blog.  Here's is the complete list of participates.

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Carol Anne     http://www.scrappingthoughts.com
Monica         http://questtoperfectimperfection.blogspot.com
Jo             http://www.mrsbeee.blogspot.com
Ruth           http://www.chattycraftyartypig.blogspot.com
Jill           http://jillconyers.com
Claire         http://www.clairesmillie.wordpress.com


  1. this is a brilliant photo, I love that it is totally a normal thing to do and you and your hubby joined the kids for the picture xxx

  2. Fantastic photo...just bursting with fun!

  3. Love the photo! And what a great idea to be doing this year. I might have to start doing that too...