Monday, June 18, 2012

Life Skills

Are our children too spoiled? Do they expect adults to do to much for them? I've been asking myself these questions lately. It all started when I came down to the breakfast table one morning and my boys were seated at the table. Just sitting there. Waiting. When I walked in they told me they wanted cereal for breakfast. I looked at them and thought I haven't been doing my job if they can not even get a simple bowl of cereal.

I told them they could get their own breakfast and at first they were surprised. But I'm glad to say, they were able to make a bowl of cereal. Good, I haven't been slacking that much.

That morning really got me thinking, what skills should my boys have at their ages. Of course I did a quick search on Google and pinterest to see what others thought about this issue. I found dozens of blog post or articles about Life Skills that everyone should know.  After looking at a few, I print one out and crossed off the items I knew the boys knew and circle the ones that I felt they should be working on.

Some of the items on my list for the summer: clean the bathroom, help put groceries away, wash dishes by hand, do laundry, cook simple meal.

This insight couldn't have come at a better time either. During the summer months my boys get more chores then during the school year. I'm making some of these life skills lessons part of their weekly chores.

Here's a sample of one of the boys chore chart for June/July.
I'm hoping this turns out to be a good experience for all of us. Where they become more responsible and maybe I can have a break once in awhile. :)


  1. I'm picturing your face when they said it! Hope it works :0)

  2. Great idea! I was very much a proponent of my guys having those early on. By age 12 they were doing sll their personal laundry and responsible for the family dinner one night a week. I figured future daughter in laws would thank me and if they never married they would be able to take care of their homes and themselves.

  3. I've been thinking about this too! I need to step it up, I know.

  4. Good idea Monica! I've been thinking about this lately too. My kids have more chores in the summer than during the school year ... but I think I need to add more. There's no reason they can't clean the bathrooms, right?!