Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pass the Book

I took the jump back in April and entered into one of the Pass the Book, year two post. To my pleasant surprise I was picked by Cheri to be the next recipient of "the Artist Unique" by Carmen Torbus.

This book is so gorgeous to look at and full of inspiration. It is jammed packed with techniques using everything from crayons to paint to clay. As I went through the pages one thought kept coming to my mind - art journal.

I have a journal that I bought in Disney that I wanted to use for a special project. Over the last year, I've been putting sticky notes with favorite quotes on the pages. I figured I would make an art journal using these quotes as inspiration. After looking through the Artist Unique, I wanted to get creative.

The first technique I tried was drawing with your nondominant hand. Because you are using your nondominant hand the pressure to be perfect is removed from your sketching. It was easier to play and experiment without little Ms. Perfect whispering in my ear. 

After doing that, I was intrigrue by some drawings made using NeoColor II Water soluble pastels. These are wonderful tools. You can use them like a crayon or add water for a water color look. I used these on my first page of my new Quote Art Journal.  I used the NeoColor for the rainbow and I used paint for everything else.

The final technique that I have something to show you was a fun one. Again it was one to help release the perfectionist tendency many of us (me) have. The technique is called Develop an ink blot.  To do this, I put some paint on my page and put a scrap piece of paper over it and pushed down. After lifting off the scrap paper I repeated the process a few times to get a few blots on the page. I let the paint dry over night and then looked at the blots and turned them into the first thing I saw. 

So now it could be your turn to flip through the pages of this wonderful book. If you are interested in receiving this book, please leave a comment and let me know. I will draw a name for the lucky winner on June 25 and mail it sometime that week.


  1. Looks like you had fun with the book Monica! Love the ink blots and the additions of the prima flowers.

  2. Love what you did Monica, but as I'm not art minded at all, I'll pass on this one!
    Alison xx

  3. Looks very interesting. Don't know how I would get away with drawing with my non-dominant hand. Thanks for the chance :0)

  4. Thanks for being a part of Pass the Book:Year Two. I'm so glad you found the inspiration to start your quote art journal - great pages!

  5. I would never have thought to draw with my non dominant hand, interesting :) I received NeoColor IIs for my birthday and just got the waterflow pens to use with them, excited for some experimenting.

  6. I am interested. This looks very interesting, but if I get it there would be some paper collaging going on. My email is annawhitewrites@gmail.com

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  8. So glad you found some inspiration in the book! Love your journal pages!!!

    xo & buckets of belief in you,