Friday, June 15, 2012

Project 365

I'm happy to report that I completed another month of Project 365.  I really love the iphone apps that I've been using to help me with this project.  Now I will admit that some of the photos were not taken on the exact day that they show up in the calendar.  That's what's nice about some of the item photos I like to take because they can be used as a filler for days that I didn't remember to shoot something.  This month I struggled more then others. I just feel like I'm taking the same photos each day.

Here's a brief description of each of the photos.

1. Up Hill Farms field trip
2. Final drawing for Drawing class.
3. Post recover drink
4. Early Cinco De Mayo dinner.
5. Had hair highlighted
6. Working on meal plans
7. Boys after Music Concert at school.
8. View of my passenger seat - purse, jacket, work bag.
9. Photo of inside of car.
10. Celebrate Husband's birthday with a cookie cake.
11. My new purse.
12. New shoes for everyone.
13. DIA visit
14. Went to bank.
15. Opps...I must really love my new purse I took two photos of it (just noticed that)
16. My computer desk.
17. Breakfast
18. Reading
19. Photo of paper that I'm purging.
20. Our baby birds
21. Morning routine - having breakfast with oldest.
22. Last soccer game.
23. Raffle basket
24. First cherries of the summer.
25. Nature walk.
26. Idea for art journal.
27. Me and my baby.
28. Ken and the boys.
29. Another photo of my purse...I really like my purse!
30. Updated photo of baby birds.
31. Pinwheel in garden.


  1. Well, I have to say it is a really cute purse, definitely worth more than one photo! Great job keeping up with this project.

  2. So proud that you are documenting your year in such a fun way. Yay!