Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Little Word Blog Hop

Welcome back to the One Little Word Blog Hop.  If you are new to this blog hop, check out my other OLW post for more information.

Little Canvases of Love!!  That's what I call this months prompt. I absolutely adore this months assignment. I find it so freeing to work on a mini scale and just play. I never know what I might end up with, but I usually love the look when it's all done.

I started with my colors for this year: black, white, brown, blue.  I cut out my paper and grabbed some paint and covered the canvases.  I used a few foam stamps, brush and my fingers to cover the background. Since I was using paint I let them dry over night before continuing.

The next day I grabbed some supplies that I thought I might like to use. I liked how Ali cut some transparencies and used just parts of them. I've been holding on to some photo overlays and thought they would be great on this project.  I also needed to add a butterfly, which has been appearing in my album over the year. I also stamps some more words and designs on some of the canvases.

Next I just added the finishing touches. Some bling, a quote, tissue tape, flowers, etc.

Here's what the page looks like in my album.

Thank you for stopping by. I'm not on the official blog hop list, but if you would like to check out the rest of the blog hop just follow this link to get to the beginning.


  1. Wonderful colors and textures! And the text as a background is perfect.

  2. Looks like your had fun getting messy with your paints. Love the textures. The colors are great. They are indeed little "canvasses of love."

  3. these are so, so great.
    love all the detail and subtle touches you added to each of these canvases of love.
    it is pure joy to freely act out your art all the while thinking through your word.
    beautiful work this month.

  4. Love seeing the process Monica and your final canvases are awesome!

  5. Oh my - love these! The color combos are great and it looks like it was super fun to create. Glad to see you getting messy with your crafty supplies!

  6. Coming in late, popped by to check the link for today but wanted to say how fun these are. Seeing them develop is lovely.