Sunday, July 15, 2012

Project 365

Almost missed a few days, but happy to say I was successful in another month of Project 365.  Here's the recap

1.  Tickets from school carnival.
2. Boiling water because of a water main break.
3. Last Football game of season.
4. Blueberry season - a very happy time for me, I love blueberries!
5. Working on OLW project.
6. Summer rain.
7. Went to Red Knapp's Dairy Bar with DH. They have the best chocolate shakes.
8. Outdoor movie at boys school.
9. Common site around our house, my husband at the kitchen table on his laptop.
10. Self-portrait after a really good workout.
11. End of the year Luau party for 3rd graders.
12. Green Field Village 3rd grade trip.
13. Art journal page.
14. Starting summer bridge books.
15. Nature art that Kyle made.
16. My new Clip It Up.
17. Father's Day gift.
18. Morning bowl of oatmeal.
19. Lunch Time.
20. Workbook Time.
21. Finished 30-day shred.
22. Started outdoor boot camp.
23. Went out to dinner at Bad Brad's BBQ - loved the old fashion Faygo bottle.
24. Lots and lots of homemade strawberry jam.
25. Outdoor boot camp again.
26. Jumping rope.
27. Beautiful blue sky.
28. Visit to dermatologist.
29. Golf Cart necessities.
30. Sign welcoming our group at the Golf Trip.


  1. Love the way that app displays your photos! Congrats on keeping the project going too!

  2. That is so cool how you have them as a calendar! So cool. Great work.