Friday, August 31, 2012

Life is an Adventure

Life is either a great adventure or nothing.

Our summer vacation was not only about seeing new places but having new adventures. 

Here's some of the adventures we enjoyed.

Exploring a Gold Mine in Jackson Hole

Trying our luck at mining for gold.  Found 3 small gold flakes.

First time horseback riding for the boys

Getting soaked by a geyser (picture below).

This is the Geyser when it first started erupting. It lasted for about 10 minutes.

Alpine Slide.  The boys first time on a chair lift.

First time at a rodeo.

Hummer ride into the canyons around Moab Utah.

Hiking the Fire Furnace Trail in Arches National Park. Amazing Hike!!

 Fishing on Yellowstone Lake.  This was the boys first time on a speed boat and fishing.

Whitewater rafting on the Colorado River


  1. What an amazing summer vacation! Love the geyser pictures especially. :)

  2. You really did have an adventure this summer..your boys must have loved it!
    Alison xx