Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Using bits and pieces

I've been spending as much time as I can trying to clean and organize my crafting area. I use to be a huge collector of everything that was new. At one time I was getting 5 different monthly kits, plus visiting my local scrapbook store at least once a week. 

I was out of control.

I loved opening up my packages and looking at all the new, shiny items. Then I would put them back into the boxes they came in and put them on a shelf.  I realized I was using these items to bring me happiness, but it really wasn't.  So a few years ago I started cleaning house. I had over 2 years of kits in my closet that needed sorting and I had a room full of odds and ends that was just cluttering up my room and my mind. I still have a few cabinets to go through but I've made a huge dent in my supplies.

I have several large boxes of items that I'm going to sell/donate this year. At the end of the year they will all be gone one way or the other.

During this long cleaning project I was discovering some items that I purchased that I really wanted to try.  I put a small box out and would put these items into the box.  When I had some time to be creative I would grab one of the items to play around with and see if I wanted to keep them or put them in the donate box.

The first item I decided to play with was Flower Soft. I purchased this last year at the Michigan Mega Meet.  It's pretty messy, like glitter.  It gets everywhere, but I really like the texture it adds to an image. Here is a set of cards I made with the Flower Soft products.

I just love the little porcupines!  I think I will keep this product to do a set of Christmas Card Fronts that I purchased and then I will make the final decision on if it stays or goes.


  1. The cards are adorable, but far more important is the idea that you are making informed decisions about what brings you happiness! kudos!

  2. Oh my goodness - those are adorable! And I totally understand the hoarding problem we can have as scrapbookers. :)