Monday, October 1, 2012

One Little Word Blog Hop

Yipee!! I remembered to sign up for the blog hop this month. It's been a few month since I've been an official member of the One Little Word Hop, but I'm happy that I stuck with the process.

I really struggled with this months prompt. Should I celebrate or choose a battle?

I decided to choose a battle. It's not something I'm ready to share but I will share what I wrote about my current thoughts on my word:

My word is still difficult for me. It seems that when I start trying to define a part of my life I uncover three more areas that need a definition. I'm feeling that this word is a perfectionist word and not a really good choice for me.
This was an interesting realization for me. I've been struggling with my word and I realized I was trying to define my life into this picture perfect ideas. I don't know how it got to be that way but my perfectionist nature sneaked up on me and took over without me noticing for months.

I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to continue on with my word and figure out how to embrace it without letting it get out of control or if I should just stop and wait until next year.

Has anyone stopped a word before the year end?

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  1. It is hard to choose and realize that it is trapping you. Can you reverse the process and find a way forward? I know I've had time when I felt trapped and need to remind myself it is a structure to support rather than smother :( Glad you shared.

  2. I think you can totally give up on your word if you want. The perfectionist thing is so hard to quiet. Good luck in your battle!

  3. well this is my first time with OLW so i don't have any previous experience to go on. but i will say that the word is for you. this whole experience is just for you. no one will care if you change it.

    just like you, i've uncovered alot of things on this journey, and i feel like my word TRY has definitely evolved. and i think that's OK too.

    thank you for your honest and for sharing your struggles. hang in there. where it's with this word or a different one.

  4. Thanks you for being so honest. I've struggled with my word these last few months, but kept with it because I decided to believe that there would be light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck!

  5. It is entirely up to you, of course, but I would choose a word that is more relevant right now, maybe carrying it into 2013. There doesn't need to be a fixed start/stop point. If it's not speaking to you, find one that is! You know best.

  6. Sorry to hear that you are finding difficulties with your OLW..hope you work out what you want to do with it
    Alison xx

  7. Yep, I've dropped a word right about this time too. There's a certain freedom there, I think, and a reclaiming of where you are and what matters most at the time. I admire that you're candid and think that--even though you feel like you're not making progress with your word--your realization is a great big step in the right direction. Oh--and SO glad you're back on the hop. I missed seeing you :)

  8. I've never given up a word mid-year, but then I've been fortunate to choose words that always seem to work well for me. If yours isn't working, if you find it bringing out the very tendencies you're working so hard to overcome, then dump it! There are no OLW police who are going to come knocking at your door if you choose to focus on something more positive! :)

  9. How interesting that you were able to identify your word bringing on perfectionist tendencies. (not that I would know anything about perfectionist tendencies, of course) :>)