Saturday, February 2, 2013

52 Weeks of Pins

It's time to do Valentine's Day cards for my boys. This year we decided to use some of the pins that I've collected over the year to make quick, simple and cute Valentine's Day Cards.

My 4th grader picked this one:

 The original pin can be found here.  I loved this one because she had a free download and all I have to do is get some glow sticks.  I really love it because it's not candy!!

My 2nd grader wanted this one:

The original pin can be found here.  I did want to spend the money on a bags so I just recreated this in Photoshop as a card with a To: and From: area.  I'm just going to attach a small bag of Swedish fish to the card.

For some more cute Valentine's Day idea check out my Valentine's Day Board.


  1. I had to smile ... I have a husband that would like your 4 th graders card lol

  2. These are great - I like them both, but the force is always strongest!