Tuesday, March 26, 2013

52 weeks of Pins

Hello again,

I'm revisiting a topic that I seem to visit at least once a year - Meal Planning.

WHY can I not get this done?

I know that if I plan I have less stress, more time and more money.

So why can't I do it on a regular bases?

In February I did a weekend of cooking and had all my meals in the freezer for the month. It was wonderful. In March I did some prep work but didn't have everything in order and then it just fell slightly apart when my husband was traveling. 

I have your typical kids who are picky eaters, one of them I think could be crowned King Picky Eater. And most nights dinner is not enjoyable because I'm not ready or they don't like what I'm making or both.

So I'm back to trying to work this out into a system that will work for me and my family.  I found some pins on my boards that I tagged some time ago.  This one is so over the top that I know it would never work for me.  This one below has a lot of potential. Cute, simple and everyone can see what's planned for the week.

From Creative Mama blog
After reading and searching about different meal plans I think that simple is better. My plan is to pick themes for the day and find 5-6 meals that fit into each of these themes.  The meals will be family favorite (at least 3 out of the 5 need to like it). I'm going to make a binder that will house these recipes so I'm not always hunting for them.  We might do those recipes for a few months or more until we have a good grasp on doing meals this way. After that we can add recipes or switch them around.  Maybe having 5-6 meals for each season.

Don't get me wrong I love trying new recipes and that might be a theme, but I need to simplify and satisfy.

Have you had success in meal planning?  What tips can you share?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

52 weeks of Pins

This has been a crazy week.  The complex that my husband and mine business is located had a fire. Luckily it was caught early and our unit only had smoke damage. Even with that our doors have been closed for over a week, not great when you are a small business owner.  On top of that my husband had to leave the next day to go to Thailand on business. Our employee have been handling everything for us at the shop and the insurance company has been very cooperative.

On Friday we were allowed to go in and check everything out.  It smells like a campfire and it's a mess.  The cleaning company was there doing their magic and next week the insurance company will be having the drywall and carpeting replaced, which means more mess.  They are also replacing all the heating and cooling vents and all the ceiling tiles and lights.  At least, we were able to get in and clean our equipment and get some things running again.

So what does all this have to do with my pin's?  Quick dinners.  That was a must this week.  Here is the pin to our new favorite chicken dinner.  It's quick, easy and freezes great so you can stock up when there is a sale on chicken legs.

For more chicken recipes check out my Food:Chicken board.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gift for You

I've been working hard at my college courses and I'm actually trying to get my "official" paperwork done so I can apply for some internships. 

I've been learning some new techniques in Illustrator and wanted to share something I made with all of you.  This oak frame is sized to fit a 4x6 photo.

Here is the link to download this great frame.  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

52 Weeks of Pins

I love hand lettering.  It's so beautiful and I have many pins of some excellent examples of this amazing art form.  Do you know where this is going yet???

Yes, I had to create some of my own artwork.  My first piece was inspired by this great video by soul pancake.

I've seen this video on many blogs so you might have seen this before.  One of the lines I loved so I made it into art.

After doing that I had to do more, so here is the second one.
If you would like to see more inspiring hand lettering check out my Type board

Saturday, March 2, 2013

52 weeks of Pins

This weeks pin is a quick and easy craft project that anyone can do.  I've been wanting to make the cute coffee mugs for quite some time and finally had the motivation to make them.  I sent one to each of my sisters and my mother, all who live out of state.

All you need is a mug and some sharper markers and an oven.

Yes, I only drew the lower peninsula of Michigan, but that's were we are from, so I hope I didn't offend any UPpers. :)  I also wrote miss you on this inside rim. 

They were a big hit. My sisters and mom mean so much too me and I'm not the best at keeping in touch via the phone, so this was a great way to let them know that I'm always thinking about them and I miss them dearly.

Here a link and another links to the pins on how to make these great mugs.  Both directions were very similar.