Tuesday, March 26, 2013

52 weeks of Pins

Hello again,

I'm revisiting a topic that I seem to visit at least once a year - Meal Planning.

WHY can I not get this done?

I know that if I plan I have less stress, more time and more money.

So why can't I do it on a regular bases?

In February I did a weekend of cooking and had all my meals in the freezer for the month. It was wonderful. In March I did some prep work but didn't have everything in order and then it just fell slightly apart when my husband was traveling. 

I have your typical kids who are picky eaters, one of them I think could be crowned King Picky Eater. And most nights dinner is not enjoyable because I'm not ready or they don't like what I'm making or both.

So I'm back to trying to work this out into a system that will work for me and my family.  I found some pins on my boards that I tagged some time ago.  This one is so over the top that I know it would never work for me.  This one below has a lot of potential. Cute, simple and everyone can see what's planned for the week.

From Creative Mama blog
After reading and searching about different meal plans I think that simple is better. My plan is to pick themes for the day and find 5-6 meals that fit into each of these themes.  The meals will be family favorite (at least 3 out of the 5 need to like it). I'm going to make a binder that will house these recipes so I'm not always hunting for them.  We might do those recipes for a few months or more until we have a good grasp on doing meals this way. After that we can add recipes or switch them around.  Maybe having 5-6 meals for each season.

Don't get me wrong I love trying new recipes and that might be a theme, but I need to simplify and satisfy.

Have you had success in meal planning?  What tips can you share?


  1. I meal plan mainly to help my shopping list. I tend to have a list of a dozen or so favourite recipes and then each week I try out a new one. But it's nothing fancy, usually from a month food magazine I buy. I also write the on a blackboard that I have painted on a door in my kitchen.

    I'll be interested in seeing what ideas you come up with.

  2. I use an excel spreadsheet. :) (I'm a dork!) I did make a crafty menu board that I update each week with our weekly menu. Works great for us! http://mightycrafty.blogspot.com/2012/06/menu-board-and-weekly-calendar.html#.UVSZS1eyLKc

  3. I've never been able to do meal planning, although I think it would be wonderful. I just cook whatever inspires me, but that means sometimes we order a pizza because no inspiration struck! LOL