Saturday, April 6, 2013

52 weeks of pins

I came across this pin just this morning.

I love list.

I love when people journal in list.

So this list really got me thinking....

 Currently I'm....

reading  The Alchemyst by Michael Scott
playing with a AfterEffects video idea
watching the Regular Show
Trying to become a better illustrator
cooking grill cheese sandwiches
eating soup and salad
drinking coffee
calling my mom
texting my friends, Sue and Sandy
pinning this pin
crafting my project for school
scrapping nothing
doing my hair and makeup to go out
going to an adult birthday party
loving a relaxing weekend
hating the gray sky
discovering some new drawing web-sites
enjoying my Insanity workouts
thinking about my priotities
feeling calm
hoping to some stress free news at work.
Listening to the radio
Celebrating Jenn 40th birthday
Smelling fresh coffee
Thanking God for my life
Considering signing up for a painting class
Finishing my CD project for school
Starting my promotion reel.

So what are you currently doing?

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