Monday, August 19, 2013

Designing for Fun

I took a fun online class at SkillShare over the summer that challenged you to create 20 little icons that represented a Day in your Life.

It was hard breaking my day down to just 20 items and as my husband noted he was missing from the icons.  In my defense, he was traveling at the time but I should have included an icon of us talking on the phone.

I'm thinking of using these icons to create a Day in the Life page for my scrapbooks.  I think it would be interesting to get a photo of each item or even just find photos I've already taking representing these items.

If you would like to use some icons in your projects, check out The Noun Project. It's a collect of icons that various people created, many are free to download.


  1. What a great activity! Your icons are perfect & I think would definitely make a nice day in the life page.

  2. Super cute! You should definitely use these!