Friday, August 23, 2013

My go to inspiration....

Harry Potter!

I can always find something inspiring to create when I think of these stories.  I've been working on getting to know Illustrator better and took a class at SkillShare called Basic Geometric Shapes. The goal was to create badges using only Geometric shapes and the tools in Illustrator.

I struggled with what type of badges to make and then I thought about Harry Potter. I thought about Diagon Alley and all the shops.  These shops might need some banners to advertise, so I started making some sketches and going to work.

These were so fun to create and it's amazing what you can make with basic shapes and the pathfinder tools in Illustrator. 


  1. Oh my goodness - you know I love Harry Potter! These are so great!

  2. These are fabulous - my favorites are Olivander's and Gringott's!