Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Taking the first step is always the hardest.

One of my first hand lettering projects

It was three years ago that I found the courage to go back to school.  I had been thinking about it for a few years but was always listened to that voice that told me I wasn't talented enough or young enough or good enough to go to school for a design degree.

My heart kept encouraging me and I finally listened to it and enrolled.

Walking into that classroom the first few times was difficult.  I had at least 20 years on all the students and those voices were talking very loud. Your too old! Your not cool! You can not compete with these kids! Who are you kidding!

As time went on and I kept going to class and then signing up for the next class I noticed something. That voice, it changed. Sometimes it's not being positive, but most of the time it's encouraging me. Your good! Your in the right place! No one can stop you!

It a wonderful feeling to know your in the right place. I spent years going to college and working in a field that I was good at, but I did not enjoy. Now I look forward to going to my classes and working on the projects.  I'm always thinking about what I can make or what I want to learn. It's an exciting feeling, to be where your heart desires.
I still have at least a year before I get my associates degree, but I've been hard at work getting my portfolio together so when the right opportunity comes along I will be ready.

Is there something that your heart desires? What is holding you back?

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