Saturday, October 5, 2013


One of my classes this semester is Typography. If you are a lover of fonts and type then you probably realize that there is so many different reactions to type and color and placement. This class is really challenging me.  Our first assignment was to design expressive words.

Basically the goal was to illustrate a word with very little editing of the type. We could only use shades of black and white. We learned about the history of different fonts and why they are the way they are, so that knowledge helped pick the right font to start the design.

It was so hard coming up with a good word.  My first few were horrible. I was trying to make a picture with the type, sometimes that works, but the goal was for the letters to speak for themselves.  So I tossed those ideas and started over.

In the end I was really happy with what I turned in.  Here are a few of the pieces I did: