Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Right now...

Right Now...I'm looking at the additional snow that fell yesterday.

Right Now...I'm sitting in my pajamas waiting for my boys to get up. It's winter break so they get to sleep in today.

Right Now...I'm worried about a doctor appointment I have to take my son to later today. They have some test results back and instead of calling me saying everything is fine they want to have an appointment.  Update: We got good news at the doctor, so I'm breathing deeply again.

Right Now...I have lots of homework I need to complete. I have my first webpage design due tomorrow and I have a set of six drawings due next week. (Stay turned to see the drawings).

Right Now...I'm really enjoying my Rendering class. I've forgotten how much I really love to draw.

First assignment after the basic drawing of shapes.

Right Now...I'm regretting eating another Paczki...but they are so good.

Right Now...I'm planning some appetizers that I need to make for a wine tasting we are having on Friday.  If you have any good, quick recipes please let me know.

Right Now...I'm blessed to be able to stay home with my boys and go to school for something I always wanted to do.

Right Now...I'm reading The Food Babe Way by Vani Hari. She is a blogger and food activist that I've been following for many years. So far I'm really enjoying the book.


  1. Lifting a prayer about the test results. My Daddy was supposed to get biopsy results yesterday but we have had severe winter weather and everything is closed down. He is in pain and also not known for patience :/ Here's a link to a super easy, different and yummy appetizer ... if you love goat cheese

    1. Thank you Beverly for the prayers. We got good news and my son is fine. I hope you get your Dad's results soon, waiting can be so painful. Sending prayers for good news for you Dad.

  2. What a great drawing! So glad the doctor report was good. So far we've had a very mild winter here, but they are predicting ice & snow possible the next two days! Bummer!